Melora Golden



Do you believe that buying and/or selling real estate is one of the most important economic decisions that most people will make in their lives, and want an agent that values supporting you both emotionally and concretely through the process? Then I’m the agent for you.

Hello, I’m Melora Golden, a realtor who believes that helping people feel secure and safe is one of the best things a person can do for another person. I like helping people feel this way, like someone has their back, they aren’t alone. It’s important to feel good about the relationship you have with your realtor. I provide great emotional support and concrete, reliable guidance about the different elements of the process.

I have a background in social work, interior design, permaculture, and building codes, amongst other things. I come from two kick ass neuro diverse, genius women. My grandmother was a doctor, and worked in schools until she died at age 74. For many children she was the only doctor they saw all year. She worked hard to get them glasses and things there was no health insurance for. My mother wanted to be an astronaut and became a scientist, was active in the free speech movement at Berkeley in the 60s, and remained politically active for the majority of her adult life. My history contributed to who I am now- someone focused on problem solving, doing my part to help humanity learn how to treat each other much better en mass, going after what I want in life without fear, and helping others do the same.

As your real estate agent we will work together not only to achieve your real estate dreams but to do so in a way that ensures you feel seen, heard, and secure throughout the process. My experience in real estate, healing work, and love of concrete data, combine to ensure that you will feel valued through this process strategically, fiscally, and emotionally. If I sound like the agent for you, call, text, or email today. I look forward to being your trusted resource throughout your real estate adventure!


Wait, who are you again?

 Realtor at Defiance Realty

    • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner/Life coach
    • Lover of project management and organizational design
    • Spent seven years legalizing sustainable building codes, primarily graywater and composting toilets
    • Volunteer for Planned Parenthood
    • Studied Permaculture and visited intentional communities
    • Adopted by cute neighborhood cat, Coconut
    • Has traveled to 34 countries
    • Really cares about the world and other people

If I sound like the real estate agent you've been looking for — call, text, email, or carrier pigeon today!