Meggin Gardner



Hello! I’m Meggin Gardner, a real estate broker who thrives on helping others make positive change in their lives.

My life has led me from just outside Portland, to all over King and Pierce County, but the one constant has always been my desire to serve people. Whether I worked in food service, fireworks wholesale, at a phone company, or as a 911 dispatcher I followed this calling. However, those experiences taught me a powerful lesson. To truly serve others well, I need to fully enjoy what I am doing for a living. Now, as a Real Estate Agent, and Health+Life Coach, I am able to share my abilities with others while building meaningful connections.

I believe in living a life led by integrity, honesty and diligence. As your agent, you can expect me to treat you with kindness and respect while paying close attention to your unique needs. I’m known for being unstoppable once I put my mind to something. This means, whether you’re looking for a new home or moving from a place you know, I will stand by your side and do what it takes to help you achieve your dreams. Ultimately, real estate can be a wild ride. But with me at your side we’ll be celebrating your accomplishments in no time! If I sound like the agent for you, call, text, email, or carrier-pigeon today. I look forward to serving you!

Wait, who are you again?

  • I love to sing. I will never turn down an invite to go sing karaoke.

  • One of my love languages is “acts of service” – specifically cooking a good meal for someone I love.

  • I love cooking, but don’t really like baking – I think it’s symbolic of my life, as baking you have to be pretty precise. With cooking you can adjust ingredients to make your creation taste just the way you like.

  • I have two intelligent, generous, thoughtful adult children and I don’t know what it is that I did to deserve them.

  • My favorite pet was my son’s 15 lb Flemish Giant rabbit. – Who knew rabbits had so much personality??? I sure didn’t until he brought her home.

  • I like to have “edgy” hair, as it forces me to have confidence about myself.

  • I got my first tattoo at 45 years old

  • I’ve been to Burning Man six times so far. In 2013 I learned how to spin a fire hoop and performed with the NW fire conclave on burn night. In more recent years, I volunteered as a fire/medical dispatcher.

If I sound like the real estate agent you've been looking for — call, text, email, or carrier pigeon today!