Matthew Dosier



If you value your Pets, family, and plants as much as you value achieving security and abundance through real estate then i’m the agent for you!

Hi I’m Matthew, I have extensive experience in property management and leasing, boasting a wealth of knowledge in navigating the intricate realms of real estate. My passion lies in helping individuals unearth their perfect abode, channeling my enthusiasm to guide and assisting people in discovering and securing the home of their dreams is what motivates me daily. With a solid background in property management and a fervent drive for client satisfaction, I’m ready to embark on an exciting journey in real estate, poised to make dreams a reality for those seeking their ideal homes.

Wait, who are you again?

* I enjoy traveling and learning new cultures- especially when it involves trying amazing food or laying on a beach!

 * I love to take long road trips and hike. One of my favorite hikes is snow lake in snoqualmie.

 * I love Tacoma and the surrounding areas. The small hometown feel, city amenities, and unlimited growth possibilities is just so unique and exciting

 * My favorite food is authentic Korean/Chinese cuisine.

* I have a second home in China

* I have design amazing mansions and houses. In Sims 4 that is 🙂

If I sound like the real estate agent you've been looking for — call, text, email, or carrier pigeon today!