Jen Haggard



Do You Want to Feel Confident & Supported as You Take Control of Your Financial Security? Then I’m the Agent for You.

Hi, I’m Jen Haggard, real estate broker, worker’s rights advocate, single parent, and a former union organizer with 20 years of negotiating experience.

A few years back I purchased my first house. I was shocked to discover that I could purchase a home of my own and realized that if I could do it, anyone could. A year later I bought a second home, converting my first to an invest­ment property. The following year I secured an amazing mixed-use investment property in the North Slope. Who would have thought? A single parent, changing careers, in a new city used to non-stop traveling and 80 hr work weeks would not only end up falling in love with tacoma, but end up owning three properties.

My first experience purchasing a home was rough. I had to argue with my agent for what was best for me and my family. I was con­stantly coaching them on how to negotiate and spent hours of time and energy fixing problems my agent should have taken care of. That’s when I realized — I should become a real estate broker. I didn’t want others to have the same issues I had during such a critical experience in our lives.

Ultimately, I have built my real estate business on my passion for two things: Building a box that works for YOU and strengthe­ning our local communities. Whether you are a buyer or seller, you should work with someone who listens to your unique needs, situation, and goals. When you work with me, not only do you have someone who fights for and protects you, you end the jour­ney feeling more confident, secure, and knowledgeable than when you started. I’ve had friends say “Jen, ‘don’t just dream do’ is VERY cheesy.” Well, I can’t argue with that, but it’s still true. Your dreams of waking up in a place that’s yours, or generating long-term security through investments, or selling your house to move on to something better, don’t just have to be dreams — together we can make it a reality.

Wait, who are you again?

  • I have spent at least a week in every state in the country!
  • I’m a single parent of an incredible 5 year old. Our favorite activity- kitchen dance parties.
  • I served on Tacoma’s human rights commission for two years
  • I had a stint as a semi professional poker player in Chicago’s seedy underground
  • I am always reading/browsing at least 5 books at a time
  • I was part of the founding team for the ‘Fight for 15’ and ran engagement programs throughout the country. It involved helping to run many rallies, protests, and spending 2 days in jail to bring attention to the movement for income equality.
  • Although I am basically tone def, I will always sing karaoke anyway
  • My dream jobs as a kid were an astronaut or actor. Never did anything on the astronaut front but starred in many plays!
  • I would always rather be on a boat.
  • No matter how hard I try, I can’t listen to music if I don’t like the lyrics.

If I sound like the real estate agent you've been looking for — call, text, email, or carrier pigeon today!