Hannah Gilmore



Are you an independent, creative, “get things done” person who cares about Tacoma? Then I’m the agent for you.

Hello, I’m Hannah-Clarke Gilmore! Co-owner of Defiance Realty, real estate broker & dungeon-master. I believe the places we live are critical to our well-being and everyone deserves a safe space that reflects themselves and what makes them happy.

Years ago I entered the industry with a passion for redefining the way real estate is presented and accessed by the public. There are many of us who begin adult-hood with few resources, education, or privilege to understand buying one of the most core functions of living– homes. I quickly realized securing a home is complicated, confusing, and requires understanding the ‘language’ of real estate. Even with a tool like the internet, answers are muddled and sometimes completely inaccurate. Thus, I became obsessed with learning every detail so I might translate this critical information and protect other people.

Now as a co-owner of Defiance Realty I have the privilege of using the expertise & resources I’ve gained to not only serve our clients and communities, but to coach our phenomenal team along-side Jen. So now, working with me means working with us. We know buying or selling a home can be a wild ride no matter what. But ultimately, when you have us in your corner you will feel stronger, laugh more, and be better off than when you started.

Wait, who are you again?

  • I believe everyone should get a home-inspection. I think it’s unethical and culturally-ill that we live in a market where waiving inspections is not only becoming the norm, but encouraged.
  • I love working with my hands.
  • Reading tarot is one of my favorite tools for reflection and centering.
  • I have two dogs, Rowan & Tobi.
  • I love knowing how things work and why they work.
  • I can read your Natal Chart.
  • I believe the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs is a rip-off of the Chakras. (google it)
  • For some reason, book-keeping can bring me peace.
  • I would like to: dance more, sing more, play in rivers, and write a book.
  • Sharing (almost) anything with others brings fills my life with purpose.
  • Ask me about the numbers of real estate and I’ll take you on a journey filled with shock & awe.
  • I love to find the beauty in spaces and help reveal it.

If I sound like the real estate agent you've been looking for — call, text, email, or carrier pigeon today!